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If you have an account at Security National bank we will help you create a budget and provide advice on how to improve your financial condition at no charge.  A budgeting program can be attached to your checking account that will automatically place debts and create the budget.  Some credit cards can be programmed to also place transactions into the budget. 

For customers who need additional assistance, we can provide monthly meetings with one of our officers to review the budget verses expenditures and offer advice on how to reduce expenses to improve the cash flow.  We also will work with financially distressed customers to improve credit scores and advise them on strategies to work out of financial problems.

If the customers follows the advice and improves their scores the bank may be able to assist them with loans to improve their cash flow. This is subject to the borrower meeting the lending guidelines for the loan product needed, including but not limited to ability to repay and collateral guidelines of the bank. For this service the bank does charge an hourly fee of $50.00.


Cashier Check Fraud is on the rise, call 1-800-594-0242 to verify cashier checks drawn on Security National Bank.


Security National Bank has a contract with Cardtronics who owns the ATM's at Casey's located in Witt, Nokomis and Coffeen.  This allows Security National Banks customers to use these machines at no charge.  



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