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    Fill out and submit this form. We'll notify you as soon as your checks are ready, or you may pick up your checks on the next business day. If you prefer, you can call your local branch and order over the phone. We will print names on the new checks as they have appeared on previous orders. We will print the address as it appears for this account in our system.

  • OK Full Name is required
  • This number is found at the bottom of your checks, after the Bank's routing number 081916731 and before that check's number

  • OK Beginning Check Number is required
  • Enter the number you would like us to begin with when we print your checks. You can look at the final check in your last pad of checks, then enter the next number. If we have printed checks for you before, enter "0000", since we will already have the correct number saved in our system.

  • Number of Checks Ordered

    OK Number of Checks Ordered is required
  • Additional Items (no additional charge)

    Optional OK Additional Items (no additional charge) is required
  • OK Branch for Pick-Up is required
  • Choose the branch location where you would like to pick up your checks. If you choose to have your checks mailed, you must choose "debit my account" for payment, and they will be mailed to the address that appears on the checks.

  • OK Payment Method is required
  • Optional OK Phone Number or Email is required
  • Enter a phone number or an email address where you can be reached ONLY if you want to be contacted as soon as your checks are ready. Otherwise, we will hold the checks at the branch you requested above until you pick them up.

  • OK is required

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