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The History of Security National Bank

Security National Bank has had a long and interesting history, which dates back to the turn of the century. It was shortly after 1900, when a group of businessmen under the leadership of Alonzo Betty, organized the Oland National Bank of Witt. In later years it became the First National Bank of Witt.

In 1912, still another bank had its beginning in Witt under the name of the Witt National Bank. Henry Fesser became the President.

The newly organized bank operated under this name for five years, but in the fall of 1927 the two banks merged. The First National Bank of Witt and the Witt National Bank combined to form the National Bank of Witt.

Actually, the present Security National Bank of Witt came into existence as a result of this merger in 1927, but in reality, the bank did not get its present name until December 10, 1932, when a reorganization took place and then the National Bank of Witt became the Security National Bank of Witt.

The current Witt location was dedicated on December 10, 1978. The current Witt Branch was remodeled in January of 2003 and added onto in 2012. 

Security National Bank has always maintained a good financial background through sound financial policies. It has prospered through the years and has expanded its operations to include branches in Irving, Fillmore, and Coffeen.

Bank in 1904  Bank 1968



Cashier Check Fraud is on the rise, call 1-800-594-0242 to verify cashier checks drawn on Security National Bank.


Security National Bank has a contract with Cardtronics who owns the ATM's at Casey's located in Witt, Nokomis and Coffeen.  This allows Security National Banks customers to use these machines at no charge.  



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