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Certificates of Deposit

CDs have always been a safe and reliable way to make your money grow. Unlike the stock market, you can lock into a rate and have a guaranteed positive return on your investment! We have many options to choose from, and chances are there's a CD that is right for you. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain, so invest in your future today.


See "Understanding Your Deposit Account" for specific terms.

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IRA Account (One Year)

To many retirement seems like a far away dream, for others it is just around the corner. No matter what stage of retirement planning you are in an IRA account plays an important roll.

When it comes to retirement there are two important factors to consider: time & money. If you have more time, you generally don't have to save as much each year. The less time you have, normally the more money you have to put away each year.

What does this mean for you? The earlier you start the better! Even if you can only afford a modest investment, this will really add up over time. If you are getting a later start, don't despair you can get there, you just need to develop a plan and START!

Stop by Security National Bank today and get started on your path to the good life.

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